ladkiyo free me bat karne wala app new video calling app

Hello friends, today’s wedding, tomorrow I am going to tell you about the video calling application, with the help of which friends, you can talk to any girl very easily on video calling and friends, you will not need to spend a single penny. Absolutely free friends, you can talk to any girl on video calling, if you do not have a girlfriend and want to make a girlfriend friend How to download and how you have to talk to girls from this application, I have told you everything in this article, so read the article carefully and follow the process that was told, only then you can talk to girls on video calling absolutely free. You will be able to go friends, first of all, which application is that and from where to download, let me tell you

where to download the app


Friends, the name of this application is imo video call and chat, friends, with this application you can talk on video calling very easily, friends, this application has got a rating of 4 and it has 100 cr+ downloaders, friends, hundreds percent from this application. You can talk to many girls on video calling and friends, where do you have to download this application, then friends, you will get the link of this application here in the download button and you can download it from play store very easily. You can just go to its name and search it in play store and there application will come in the top and you can download it very easily from there, very less MB is more MB for you to spend. You will not even need it, so let’s go friends, how to use it from now on, how you have to do video calling, let me tell you

how to do video calling

Friends, as soon as you download this application, friends, what you have to do is to open this application, after opening it, you will get an option to login, then there friends what to do with your mobile number Or you have to login with gmail, as if you login friends, then you will get the image of many girls and there you have to click on whatever girls you like, like if you click on friends, then in front of you. A profile will be open where friends, the name of that girl, this number and friends, here all the options of WhatsApp number message will come and friends, if you want to talk to another girl, then you have to back up and the girl you want to talk to. Talk by clicking on it, friends, if you like the application, then definitely tell in the comment

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