Best Health Insurence ever HDFC ergo optima secure

Today we are going to butt about health insurance, why is health insurance necessary for us and what are the benefits of it, everything has been told in the article today, so the article must be complete. Friends, we are going to tell about the insurance, its name is HDFC ERGO OPTIMA SECURE, its total 4 plan, which you like very much, friends are going to tell you all the four points in detail, then read the article very carefully only then you can get this insurance.

get to know about it well and be able to use it The first point of this insurance, friends, its name is due to the technically secure benefit, the cover you have becomes double, you will understand it in such a way as if you have taken health and share of 1000000, then friends it will double yours and will become twenty lakhs and friends.

You do not need to pay any separate charge for this benefit. Friends, you will get to see the industry first picture and you will not get to see this feature in any plan, this is the first point of the benefit which is yours from day one.

shame insurance is double Friends, if you talk about the second point of this, then the bonus point you have in this, friends, you are given a bonus point here from a different company, which is called the bonus claim, if you have any other company like you every 1 year. Gives a bonus claim of 10 percent but cow in this insurance you will get to see 50% bonus claim from the first year, in seconds you get 50 plus other bonuses which you plus become hundreds bonuses which slip in it It has been given that you will not get to see it anywhere else, this is the first idea of ​​the industry, you will get to see that you are getting claim bonus here so much.

Friends increases like the third point, whose name is restore benefit, you will get to see this feature in every company, friend of restore benefit, I explain to you like friends, suppose I have a sum assured of ₹ 1000000 if your first claim is ₹ 800000 If it comes then ₹ 200000 is now saved in your balance, by chance, if suppose your second claim comes to ₹ 500000, then friends will get 200000 but your 300000 will not be passed to you, friends HDFC ERGO OPTIMA SECURE but You will not get to see him like this, who gets you a divorce of 1000000 from the very first day, in which friends, if you do not claim your bonus point for 2 years, then the total becomes yours, three lakhs after that friends restore If I talk about the benefit, then your total becomes 40 lakhs, so friends, no matter how long your claim is, this health insurance gets you very easily, so you must use this health insurance and save your life. Secure friends if you have this health insurance If you like the rain, then you must get it done by u and also share it to those who do not know about it.

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