how to check car insurance online

Hello who in today’s article I am going to tell you how to check online car insurance, then read the article carefully, then only you will be able to check insurance online with your mobile, friends, sometimes what happens that you do not even know and Your car’s insurance ends,

due to which if you are ever traveling and your car is caught in checking somewhere, you may have to pay an challan, so friends, always get your car insured and if you ever have an accident.

Learn to check there insurance online

It goes that you can make your car for free by going to your vehicle agency and from there you can also take some claims, friends, this is the benefit of insurance, so that whenever you have an accident or any other problem, you can You can get your car serviced by visiting the agency, friends, how to check your insurance online

Gadi ka insurence kaise check kare.

Friends, to learn water insurance, you have to go to Google and search the vehicle there, in front of the heat, a website will come by the Ministry of Road, you have to click on it, as soon as you click on it, the official website of insurance will open in front of you.

Where friends, you have to create your account, then you have to click on create account, to create account, you will have to give your mobile number and an email as you enter it, after that you have to click on generate OTP like friends If you click on Generate OTP, then a quote will also come on your mobile number and on the given email, you have to put it here, after that you have to click on Verify like friend if you click on Verify then you get verified.

After that you will have to enter your name and you have to save it by entering a password, like friends will put the password and name there, after that as soon as you save it, you will get a WhatsApp message thanking you here, it means your successfully account.

It is done and friends with the same thank you message Below you have to click on the search tomorrow, you have to click on it, you will get the option to enter mobile, then you have to enter your mobile number, from which mobile number you have just created your account, you have to put it here like After entering the password, after entering the password, what to say then you will get the option of Continue below, then you have to click on Continue there like if you click on Continue to a friend, then RC status will come in front of you, after that you will have to check your insurance.

To do this, you have to enter your vehicle number and click on vehicle search by entering the given verification code, like friends, if you click on vehicle search, the RC status will be open in front of you, you will have the vehicle number and your name there and there. When is it going to expire, when is everything going to start, you will see the date there, in this way friends, you can check the insurance of your vehicle from your own mobile that when it is going to expire, your father has to renew everything you do like this You can watch the article online, if you like the article, then please like comment to do

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