Free Fire Will Be Banned Or Not Why Airtel Is Not Working With Sim

Friends free fire has been banned, if it is not banned then why is there no difference and airtel bsnl why it is not opening free fire from all seams and why free fire is running from other sim only with airtel sim Why is free fire not running, what could be the problem with airtel or why free fire has been removed from play store, today you are going to get the answers of all the questions in this article, then definitely read the article completely, you will get the answer of all the questions. It is given in this article, so let’s start friends, our today’s article is why free fire banned, let’s start with airtel sim

will free fire be banned

First of all let me tell you that free fire is not banned yes but it has been removed from play store free fire max is coming in its place if you search free fire then free fire max is coming in its place free Fire has been removed, what could be the region, I do not know, but maybe I am feeling a region, since some firemax has come out, very few people are playing free fire matches, because of this, maybe free fire is free after removing fire max people will download and play so probably free fire has been removed because it has very few users and its downloader is also very less which you will get to see high quality graphic in it and many more features free fire max but still people play free fire too much because of this maybe free fire must have been removed now let’s talk why free fire is not working with all airtel sim

Why free fire is not working with airtel sim

Friends, the reason for this can be many because there have been many cases on Free Fire and it is being heard now, but it means that the case is going on, it is not right when it should be banned, friends in other places in India. It has been banned, it is being played only for 8 hours and it is going on for 24 hours in India, due to which there may be a reason why it is played very less in India too and this is just the beginning There may be a permanent ban, but the question that arises is that why is free fire not being opened from airtel itself, why is free fire running from the rest of the borders, then friends, there may be a rift between free fire and airtel. There may have been a problem with the server or some money, you are paying less money or there may be some other problem with the airtel person, due to which the game of dignity with airtel is not going on Airtel people do not share their Sarwar Garima and because of which the case on hatred is going on, perhaps the Airtel people should not have to suffer even because of that. If we want to separate from Garima, that is why we may not be playing the game, but it may or may not be due to some reason or not because no one is right, what is the problem or some server work is going on which Garina is currently doing. If you are trying to fix it, that’s why the problem is happening later, maybe it gets fixed, then those friends can’t say anything here exactly what is the problem, but friend one thing is sure that free fire from play store has been removed and this problem is happening in other places too, this problem is happening all over India, it is not opening from airtel but now no one is on news or any leader this PM any idea about it yet No news has come that free fire is being banned or anything, everyone is saying that free fire has been banned, now free love will not work but it is not like free fire Still running people are playing it with airtel sim by putting vpn and there is no problem
Some people may not know that what is a VPN, how to use it, friends, you have to go to the home page of this article, there you will find another article that how to use VPN, where to download, how is its process How it looks, everything has been told to you in that article, then go and read it and you will know very well then what is a pin and you can play the game very easily with airtel sim also, till then you will get the next article bye for

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