How get free diamond today free free free

Friends, in today’s article I am going to tell you how I will be able to get diamonds for free in free fire, friends, I am going to tell you a very good trick,

just follow you on the date and we will give more than 5000 diamonds in your id. Seth is not, no you need to download any application, just you have to follow what is being told in this article and just look carefully at the setting of which you are telling bare, you will also get a lot of friends like All the people are taking, now you should read the art completely so that you know very well one solution and follow the process which I am going to tell you, definitely do so, you will get free diamonds.

tricks to get free diamonds

Friends, you will get a link, you have to click on the link, as you click on the link, a website will open in front of you, inside the website you will get the user ID and some people will get to see you, then what you have to do is your user ID friends. You have to copy the free fire id and paste it in the friends user id, or keep in mind that you are copying the id very well, if your id is wrong then you will not get the diamond here, keep in mind that And in the bad of copying the queen well, you copy the vehicle and paste the bad friend of the stomach, some people must have been looking at Apple Android PC,

so you will see the logo, so what do you have to do in which game in the device play you have to select wow if you play in isi then you have to choose pc wala logon if you play in mobile android main then you have to select android wala logon our bad niche you have to go ahead with e option You will have to click on the usage copy like click in front of you The interface will go to one where the list of diamonds per friend is there, where you have to choose the number of diamonds you want to take, niche you will see an option of verification now click on use per like you will see another interface a will go to what you have to do Or whatever center has come in front of everyone, or most men are fine friends,

if you want to get a diamond, then you have to complete the trick, what is some task you must have been given in front of you, you have to complete it, friends, whatever task you have got, you complete it. If you do, then you are given free diamonds till very easy, now it will be used in a very short time and then you will be able to take 1015 diamond torrents, friend, if you like this article, then you must follow and if you have any problem anywhere. you can ask me in the comment

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