SBI ATM se paisa nikale sirf 2minite me

Hello Friends, Welcome to your own YouTube channel Explain Me Banking I am your friend Santosh Friends, we are slowly adding videos to our channel wherein we are showing how to

withdraw money from different banks’ ATM. In these videos, we even ask you what other banks’ ATM withdrawal processes do you want to know next. In all these banks’ money withdrawal

videos that we have made, many people wish to see the money withdrawal process from the ATM of State Bank of India. So, friends here I am. And i’ll show you in detail how you can withdraw money from SBI’s ATM. So, please watch the money withdrawl process till the very end. Because we all know half knowledge is dangerous.

Friends for this, visit any of SBI’s ATM with your ATM card. There swipe your ATM card in the ATM card machine. After swiping your card, you will see many options on the ATM machine screen. From these options, select ‘Banking’ option. After this, you will be asked to select a language.

Select a language of your choice. Select a language in which you want to see the rest of the options ahead. In the next step, you will be asked to enter your ATM Pin. Here whatever your 4 digit ATM card pin is, enter it. After entering your PIN, you will again see many options. But because we have to withdraw money, select the option of Cash Withdrawal.

You will now be asked the Type of your account. For maximum people, it is saving bank account. But you choose your account type accordingly. After selecting the account type, you will be asked to enter amount. Here you are being asked the amount that you want to withdraw from the ATM machine.

So enter the amount that you want to withdraw. As you can see, we have entered a sum of Rs. 500. After entering your amount, you will see an option of ‘Yes’. Select that option. On selecting Yes, you will see a screen like this that says Your transaction is being

processed, Please wait. Meanwhile, the amount that you entered will be counted, the sound of which you can hear easily. After some time, the amount that you entered will come out of the ATM machine. Collect the amount that came out quickly.

Ensure that the amount you have in hand is same as the amount you entered in the ATM machine or is there any difference. And with this, the ATM screen will show You Transaction is Successful.

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