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Hello friends once again, I have brought you a job
You have to work as a servant at their house
Friends, they are very rich, they have no shortage of money, they do this business, their husband has his own factory in America, yes friends

If you want to work on the post of their house servant, then you will see the article to the last because I have given their WhatsApp number in this post so that you can talk to them on WhatsApp and confirm your job.

Friends, the job that has come to us, you are going to get 40 thousand months in this job.
And friends as well as you are going to get free food

private noukari online job salery 20000+

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And friends, as soon as you join the job, a mobile phone with a touch is going to be free.

Yes friends, the job is very good. If you get a job once, your luck will change.

Friends, many people do not see the complete post, then they do not get a job, then later they say I did not get a job. So friends, see the post completely so that you can understand all the information.

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private noukari online job salery 20000+

So friends, let’s tell you about the job: –

The name is rosini
Age is 22 years
Hails from goa

Work related thing: –

You have to clean their car daily and also wash it once a week, just friends, this is the job and you have to be with them, wherever you go, you have to go with them.

private noukari online job salery 20000+

Working Range: –

Must be 18 years of age
Studies 10th to 12th at least
Caste is not meant by religion
Do you go
But you have to work honestly
Doing NASA is absolutely considered to be a snack on a holiday

Benefits of working: –

Salary will be given 40000 thousand months on every 10th date, money will never be stopped.
Living room and three time meals will be provided
Every Sunday in every month will be discharged
Work to be done in Goa

private noukari online job salery 20000+

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